Monday, February 18, 2013

TeachersPayTeachers v. Teacher's Notebook

Happy President's Day!

I'm so lucky to be off today and have had a busy morning!  Talking with some family members, it seems like my district is the only district around here that has today off!  Woo whoo!!!

Anyways, I wanted to ask y'all your opinion of TeachersPayTeachers v. Teacher's Notebook.  I hadn't heard of Teacher's Notebook until recently.  I was talking to my little brother about my blog and he mentioned Teacher's Notebook.  I went on and browsed around and it seems pretty comparable to TpT.  I have only listed and downloaded from TpT and that is all that I know.  What are your opinions?  Tell me about some of your experiences with Teacher's Notebook v. TpT!!!

I began listing things on TpT when I started my blog back in December and recently upgraded to a premium seller.  I recently posted my first "for sale" items and thought I might get more bang for my buck with a premium seller membership.  This is what it breaks down as for an upgraded account...

Premium Account:
TpT - $59.95 annually, keeping 85% of selling price and no transaction fees.
Teacher's Notebook - $49.95 one-time setup fee, 90% of sales and $0.15 per transaction.

Free Account:
TpT - free enrollment, 60% of sales, $0.30 transaction fee
Teacher's Notebook - free enrollment, 75% of sales and $0.30 transaction fee.

It seems like Teacher's Notebook would be a better place for your free membership accounts, but I just can't figure out the math for a premium account.  Plus, I feel like TpT gets A LOT more traffic than Teacher's Notebook.

I think I would really like to open a shop on both, but I just don't have the time or energy to focus on that right now.  I would really love to hear your experiences with either and which one you prefer.  Please share your thoughts!!!

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